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The Max I. Silber Library

The Max I. Silber Library at the L. L. Lee Scouting Museum has material for the casual browser as well as for the serious researcher.  Essentially complete volumes of Boy's Life and Scouting magazines as well as Annual Reports, equipment catalogs, and other periodicals are available on request as are all editions and most printings of various Handbooks and pamphlets including the Service Library and Merit Badge series. Lone Scout magazine and older volumes of The Scout (U.K.) are on hand for research. Many reading copies of magazines, handbooks, and pamphlets are ready  for use by visitors.
Approximately seven hundred titles of Scout fiction appeared between 1910 and 1940. Most are in the collection as is the complete series of the B.S.A.'s answer to the dime novel: Every Boy's Library.
Books by the founders, Baden-Powell, Seton, and Beard, are part of the holdings as are non-Scout books and pamphlets on topics of interest to Scouts. Indian lore, pioneering, campcraft, nature study, and handicraft are a few examples of these. Foreign Scouting literature in English and in other languages is also on hand.
The Max I. Silber Library is accessible to the Handicapped and Braille Scout and Cub manuals are available.